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What is WiFiPak?

WiFiPak is a content delivery product that integrates WiFi technology (hardware and software) with print and packaging. It creatively connects the physical and digital worlds.

What Does it Do?

WiFiPak delivers digital content (such as HTML microsites, video, audio, images, documents) to smart devices that are within range.


How Can It Be Used?

As WiFiPak can deliver a broad range of rich digital content to a wide range of smart devices, WiFiPak can have many different uses:

  • Pitches
  • Invitations
  • Direct Mail
  • Leave Behinds & Give Away
  • Product Information
  • Education & Training
  • Marketing messages
  • Announcements
  • Company messages
How can WifiPak be used?

Why Was It Created?

Physical to digital is a holy grail in marketing communications, and delivering multimedia content via Wi-Fi (a technology that everyone is savvy with) has been long desired. However cost and power requirements have prevented the development. Until now…

Our software and hardware engineers have been hard at work miniaturising Wi-Fi technology to make it small, cost effective and power efficient enough to mass-produce and fuse with traditional print. It’s taken a lot of time, patience and energy with many challenges to overcome, however finally, it’s here.

User Experience

The WiFiPak will begin to power up once opened. While booting up, there will be a flashing light and once loaded (20s) the light will turn solid.

Users can join the Wi-Fi network being transmitted on WiFi enabled devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer).

If the content is password protected, Enter the password provided. Otherwise, within a few seconds the content that is stored locally on the memory of the WiFiPak will automatically display on your screen within a captive portal digital environment.

WifiPak User Experience Animation

What Makes It Amazing?

WiFiPak is a brand new, cutting edge product that is manufactured using state of the art technology. It is a premium product that is extremely versatile in how it looks (size and shape), how it can be used and what it delivers.



Super slim


Password protectable


Built in flash memory


Rechargeable battery


Auto on/off


Creative packaging options


Light weight


No internet connectivity needed to receive the content


Multiple devices can connect simultaneously


Storage memory options (up to 64GB)


General Info

How does WiFiPak work?

WiFiPak is created using custom designed proprietary hardware and software The pack itself is comprised of a WiFi PCB, flash memory (Micro SD Card), rechargeable Lithium rechargeable (via USB port), auto On/Off technology. Once the WiFiPak is opened, the WiFi technology begins to boot up. Once loaded (approx 30 seconds), the content that is on the Micro SD card will begin transmitting via Wi-Fi. Any Wi-Fi enabled smart-device can be join the Wi-Fi network that the WiFiPak is transmitting. If the pack is password protected, the password will need to be entered before the content can be accessed.

What can WiFiPak be used for?

WiFiPak can have many different uses such as: Pitches, Invitations, Direct Mail, Leave Behinds & Give Away, Product Information, Education & Training, Marketing messages, Announcements, Company messages.

Artwork & Content

How does the artwork (for printing) need to be supplied?

  1. Artwork should be laid out on the correct WiFiPak template as supplied by us
  2. Images should be 300 dpi at the scale they are placed in the layout
  3. Images in CMYK
  4. Links embedded or supplied
  5. Blacks are backed up: 12pt text and under is set to 100% Black and set to overprint / large black areas, create a rich black using C40 M40 Y40 K100
  6. All fonts outlined
  7. Correct bleed added all around the cutter, including the flaps: min 5mm
  8. Text and logos are vector based (avoid bitmap text and logos)
  9. 3mm safe area from cuts and folds
  10. Minimum type size 5pt
  11. All spot colours converted to CMYK unless quoted otherwise
  12. Include Spot UV/Emboss layer when needed, assign a spot colour and set to overprint
  13. Print ready PDFs supplied with and without the cutter (template)
  14. All elements of the artwork (including buttons and VideoPak legal info) are included in both PDFs (If artwork is originated in InDesign, place the cutter in a separate layer to the buttons and legal info, as these need to stay on the pdf without the template)

What content can I put on WiFiPak?

WiFiPak can transmit a very broad range of rich multimedia content, such as video, HTML, images, audio files, digital documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDFs).

How does the content need to be supplied?

Content should be supplied as modern day web content. HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Content should be responsive and optimised as per the device that it will be received on. PHP is not supported, yet.

What are content requirements for HTML microsites?

Typically WiFiPak delivers an HTML microsite. This microsite can be anything from a single page of information, or an auto-playing video, to a multi-page site with an unlimited number of different pages of content.

Most existing web content can be repurposed for WiFiPak, but the content must meet the following criteria:

  • Client-side scripting languages (such as JavaScript) are supported, but server-side languages (such as PHP) are not.
  • Typically content uses HTML, CSS & JavaScript which all web developers are familiar with.
  • Because WiFiPak content can be received by devices big and small (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.) the content MUST be responsive. This means that graphics and formatting must adapt to the device’s screen size.
  • Because WiFiPak content is sandboxed (this means that it’s self-contained and while the content is being viewed the device doesn’t have access to the Internet) external links (such as links to websites, social media, etc.) DON’T work. Contact forms won’t work because they require and active Internet connection. Similarly, any embed content that relies on 3rd party services (e.g. a embedded YouTube video) will not display.
  • Content is loaded via microSD card and pre-loaded at factory for mass production.
  • The HTML content will sit in a folder on the root of the flash memory. Accompanying the content will be a .ini file. Tis document serves as loading instructions for the WiFiPak.
  • The folder structure might look like this:

Network name requirements; here you type the name that you want to display when searching for the WiFiPak on the smart device.
We recommend adding an emoji icon 🔆 to the start of the network name to push the display name to the top of the list of discoverable networks. You can find out more about emoji icons here.

Password settings – Here, you can enable/disable password. If this field is empty, there will be no password encryption. If you type in a password, the encryption will be enabled.

NOTE – Wi-Fi passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters. We recommend alpha-numeric (letters and numbers) and all lower case.

We’re able to to provide technical support for your developers (including example code). Alternatively, we have in-house developers who can build content based on your designs.

How much content can I store on the WiFiPak (what is the flash memory size)?

As WiFiPak is a bespoke produced product, we can be flexible with the capacity of the Flash Memory, ranging from 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and higher.

Can I password protect the content?

Yes. It is possible to have access to the content password protected. This can be done at the content level or we can add this to the software of the WiFiPak. Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters. We suggest alphanumeric (letters and numbers) and all lower case.

Technical Info

Is WifiPak safe / secure?

Yes, WiFiPak is safe. The content is delivered to your phone within a secure sandboxed environment. This means there is no access to any of your personal information or apps.

Once you disconnect from WiFiPak the content is gone for good.

While connected to WiFiPak, your phone is not connected to the Internet (you will disconnect from the Wi-Fi network that you were originally connected to).

Upon disconnection of the WiFiPak, your phone will automatically re-join any other Wi-Fi network it was connected to previously.

What range do WiFiPaks transmit to?

Approximately 10m.

What devices can receive the WiFiPak content?

WiFiPak content can be received on any Smart Device that is WiFi enabled (Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, PCs).

How many devices can connect at any one time?

We have tested up to 10 people with successful results.

What batteries are used in WiFiPak?

Lithium Polymer rechargeable batteries are used in WiFiPak. Typically 1000 mAh but this may vary.

How long do the batteries last on a single charge?

You can get approx 2 hours of content access before needing to re-charge the battery.

Are the batteries in WiFiPak replaceable / rechargeable?

Yes. You can recharge the WiFiPak battery by connecting the pack to a PC or mains via a Micro USB cable.


What do I need to provide you with to make my WiFiPak’s?

You will need to supply us with print ready artwork – so we can print your WiFiPaks. You also need to supply us with the digital content that you want your WiFiPaks to transmit.

How much do WiFiPak’s cost?

This depends on the quantity, the product size, the flash memory size.
Please contact us for a price grid or a bespoke project cost.

How long do WiFiPaks take to make?

Depending on the quantity and the time of year, typically 3-4 weeks.

What is the minimum and maximum order quantity?

You can order as few as 10 units. There is no maximum order quantity.

Can you deliver/distribute my WiFiPak’s around the world for me?

Yes. We have global distribution capabilities so can deliver your WiFiPaks in bulk, to one address, or to 5000 individual addresses all around the world.

contact us

We would love to discuss WiFiPak with you. Please get in touch…